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In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, maintaining a spotless and inviting environment isn’t just a preference; it’s a strategic imperative that can wield a significant influence on your brand’s image and customer perception. Aqua Force Plus, a trusted name in the residential cleaning arena, is now poised to extend its expertise into the dynamic commercial cleaning market of Sheffield – a move that promises to redefine how businesses approach hygiene and cleanliness in this vibrant city.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Sheffield's Diversity

Sheffield, a city known for its diverse business landscape, deserves tailored cleaning solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each establishment. Aqua Force Plus understands the distinctiveness of each business and is dedicated to crafting custom cleaning plans that align with specific needs, schedules, and budgets. Whether your enterprise operates within a corporate office, retail space, restaurant, healthcare facility, or industrial setup, our collaborative approach ensures that every inch of your premises radiates cleanliness and allure.

Aqua Force Plus- A Legacy of Excellence

At the helm of Aquaforce Plus is Simon May, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience. With a rich history of delivering unparalleled cleaning services since its inception in 2021, Aquaforce Plus brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the commercial sector. Our highly trained professionals possess the skills and dedication required to meet the distinctive challenges faced by businesses in maintaining a pristine and orderly workspace.

An Array of Comprehensive Services

Aqua Force Plus prides itself on presenting a comprehensive array of commercial cleaning services meticulously designed to address an array of business needs:

Retail Cleaning: As Sheffield’s retail sector thrives, Aquaforce Plus offers specialised retail cleaning services that elevate the shopping experience for your patrons. Your retail space will be a haven where customers feel comfortable exploring and spending their time.

Restaurant and Hospitality Cleaning: The city’s burgeoning culinary scene requires establishments to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. Aquaforce Plus ensures that your restaurant, hotel, or café maintains an unwavering commitment to hygiene, fostering trust among patrons.


Healthcare Facility Cleaning: Healthcare providers in Sheffield need an ally in maintaining the utmost levels of cleanliness and sanitation. Aquaforce Plus adheres to stringent protocols to create an environment that safeguards the well-being of patients and staff alike.

An Array of Comprehensive Services

Uncompromised Quality: Aqua Force Plus guarantees exceptional quality. Our seasoned professionals employ cutting-edge equipment and innovative techniques to ensure remarkable results every single time.

Flexible Scheduling: We understand that business operations in Sheffield are dynamic. To minimise disruptions, we offer flexible scheduling options, including after-hours cleaning, ensuring your operations continue seamlessly.


Eco-Friendly Commitment: Sheffield’s commitment to sustainability resonates with us. Aqua Force Plus utilises eco-friendly cleaning products and practices, helping your business maintain a clean and safe environment while contributing to the city’s green initiatives.

Reliability that Sheffield Trusts: A city known for its work ethic and trust, Sheffield deserves a cleaning partner it can rely on. Aqua Force Plus pledges unwavering reliability, ensuring your premises remain clean, welcoming, and ready for business.


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